A restrained and mysterious film about a disenchanted Peruvian family man who drives a taxi for a living. His perspective on life is transformed by a prophet, a dark road, and a passenger with a secret — all over the course of one shift. Aspen Film Jury: “With clear focus and direction, this tense and minimalist story never yields momentum. Unlike the audience, the director clearly sees the road ahead and deftly drives the narrative to its satisfying cinematic destination.” WINNER: Aspen Shortfest 2017: Jury Special Recognition Lima Film Festival 2017 (Filmocorto): Best Short Film Lima Film Festival 2017 (Filmocorto): Best First Film Lima Film Festival 2017 (Filmocorto): Audience Award DAFO – Ministerio de Cultura del Perú – Concurso de Cortometrajes 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2017 Palm Springs International Shortsfest 2017 Encounters Film Festival 2017 Tripoli International Film Festival 2017 Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival 2017 Berlin Interfilm Festival 2017 Nancy-Lorraine Film Festvial 2017 Figari Film Festival 2017 Boulder Short Film Festival 2017 Director: Alejandro Roca Rey Cast: Gonzalo Molina, Sandro Calderón, Alain Salinas, William Gómez, Ana María Jordán, Federico Abrill and André Moyo. Written by: Alejandro Roca Rey and Federico Abrill Producer: Marylin Vergel Executive Producer: Alejandro Roca Rey Cinematographer: Roberto Maceda Kohatsu DFP Editor: Alejandro Roca Rey and Miguel Gonzalez Sound designer: Rosa María Oliart Composer: Eduardo Kirschbaum Production designer: Gisella Ramirez Make-up: Flor Gomez Colorist: Daniel Carcelén Production Company: Turbo Media Made with support from: Guarango, EPIC, Fade Out, Atomica, G&G