A portrait of the sculptor, Dony Mac Manus, who has rejected much of contemporary art in favor of a return to the ideals of the renaissance. — shortoftheweek.com/2018/11/13/in-the-space-between-ages/ tv.booooooom.com/2018/11/19/profile-in-the-space-between-ages — Dony Mac Manus is a sculptor and painter in Dublin, Ireland. In his working methods he has rejected much of contemporary art and chosen to work with tools and processes used throughout the renaissance in Europe. To me what was most fascinating about Dony were a set of questions he seemed to pose about our experience of time and our sense of place in it. How do we navigate the past, tradition, and form our identity in the present in response to these forces? These were the ideas I wanted to explore in this film. — Creative Agency: Animal Garden Directed by Travis Lee Ratcliff Executive Producer: Brad Fassbender Produced by Travis Lee Ratcliff & John Carmichael IV Associate Producer: Andrew Natali Cinematography John Carmichel IV Editing & Sound Design: Travis Lee Ratcliff Additional Mixing: Matteo Digiulo Music by Gavin Brivik Colorist: Brandon Thomas, TBD Post 1st AC, Gaffer: Emily Brown Production Assistant: Logan Rabe Artist’s Model: Logan Rabe Special Thanks: Brad & Teresa Fassbender, Andrew Natali, Dony Mac Manus, Kathryn Bailey, Emily Brown, Logan Rabe, Kami Garcia, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, The Natural History Museum of Ireland, The Doughtery Arts Center Filmed on the Varicam LT with Cooke S4 lenses — Made possible by Guadalupe Roastery (guadaluperoastery.com) Filmed on Location in Dublin, Ireland Instagram.com/travisleeratcliff | http://bit.ly/2SU5OeD http://bit.ly/2AMNGfT | http://bit.ly/2SVs1sN Contact: travis.lee.ratcliff@gmail.com Press Kit: http://bit.ly/2ALnPVC