a poetic meditation on Tuktoyaktuk, an Indigenous community in the Arctic. a film by Daniel Fradin and Kyle Rosenbluth (https://bit.ly/3yaGFBM) For more info, and to donate directly to the community of Tuktoyaktuk, go here: https://bit.ly/3yeJxO7 SELECTED SCREENINGS: Camden International Film Festival, 2021 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, 2021 Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2021 St. Louis International Film Festival, 2021 Indy Shorts, 2021 Sidewalk Film Festival, 2021 Tirana International Film Festival, 2021 Planet In Focus International Film Festival, 2021 EarthX Film Festival, 2021 San Francisco Green Festival, 2021 DC Environmental Film Festival, 2022 Featuring: Jojo Elias, Billy Emaghok, Roy Cockney, Julia Cockney, Dallas Green, Lionel Kikiak, Florence Elias, Michelle Tomasino, John Noksana, Mikayla Jacobsen, Roslyn Rogers, Mickey Gruben Directed by: Daniel Fradin & Kyle Rosenbluth Cinematography by: Daniel Fradin & Kyle Rosenbluth Edited by: Daniel Fradin & Kyle Rosenbluth Executive Producers: Michael J. Werner, Donna Corbat Produced by: Daniel Fradin, Kyle Rosenbluth, Gavin Berger Original Score by: Troy Herion Consulting Editor: Nels Bangerter Made with the support of: The Legacy of Hope Foundation, The University of Pennsylvania, The BANFF Centre for Arts & Creativity Sound design by: Simon Gervais Foley artist: Alex Farand Color & Finishing: RCO Supervising colorist: Seth Ricart Color & Conform: Natasha Wong https://bit.ly/3pKpdQL