A music video made possible by deepfake. A typical deepfake project involves sampling a popular face from as many sources as possible, creating a database, and applying it to a new target face. Here we tried something new. 40 combinations captured from scratch, spread across 14 performers, to tell a single story. Director: Chris Shimojima (https://bit.ly/30Ao0AJ) Cinematographer: Arthur Woo (https://bit.ly/3dXH6on) EP: Crisalide Records (https://bit.ly/30DPjdo) Agency: Wild / Factory (https://bit.ly/30zsRSD) Producer: Yura Liamin Line producer: Laura DuBois Editor: Chris Shimojima Deepfake: Evan Gregory VFX / Compositor: Javier Devitt Colorist: Aline Sinquin WHERE TO FIND THIS SONG? HERE https://bit.ly/2Ys8PXM WHERE TO FIND THE SINGER WITH HORNS? INSTAGRAM: https://bit.ly/3cUwTHR FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/37pxpN5 Dolche WEBSITE https://bit.ly/3dXnHnl Dolche STORE: https://bit.ly/30F0gLN