A multi-perspective journey, heading into the most intimate and underground performance I could dream up. We handed out two dozen cameras of various formats to the fans—orchestrating fisheye lens barrel rolls and “shitty Matrix” camera moves along the way—and let their footage and photos help drive the video. Re-filming through viewfinders and footage off of old displays, slapping tape decks and praying tapes don’t break–it was a wild one. DIRECTED AND EDITED BY COLIN READ PRODUCTION COMPANY: MIRMADE PRODUCER: MIRANDA KAHN PRODUCTION DESIGNER: JACOB IRELAND PRODUCTION MANAGER: JOE ALBINO DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: KEVIN HAYDEN 1st AC: YUYA KUDO CAMERA OPERATORS: EMMA PENROSE DANIEL CONTALDO …AND THE FANS GAFFER: ALEXA CARROLL KEY GRIP: CHRIS ANGARONE SWING GRIP: RIEDE DURVAY GRIP: MICHAEL HAYDEN ROY KEY PA: GEORGE BENO PA: TUI JORDAN PA: RICH GOLD PA: EVA FRIEDBERG PA: TESS MCGUINNESS PA: HANNA WELLISH PA: JESSE KATZ PA: MYRIAM HAYDEN ROY PA: NICO TEPPER COMMISSIONER: RIK GREEN COLORIST: SAMUEL GURSKY / IRVING HARVEY Special thanks to: Daniel Frank Jacob Campbell Takeshi Nagamatsu James Trussin Willem Holzer Sachi Bahr Brandon Stepanow Connor Kammerer Steve Fletch Joe Bressler Lou Sarowski E-Waste Gowanus