A late-blooming pre-adolescent girl attempts to save a brutally wounded rabbit, yet finds that her moral compass and perspective on mortality are challenged in the process. Vancouver International Film Festival’s ‘Sea to Sky’ Award, ‘Best Narrative Short Film’ at Las Cruces Film Festival and “Best Film” at Future of Film Show and “Best Film” Award at the Future of Film Show. Official Selection: Palm Springs International Shortfest Shnit International Film Festival Bushwick Film Festival Vancouver International Film Festival Psarokokalo Athens International Short Film Festival Future of Film Show Las Cruces Dumbo Film Festival Moonrise Film Festival Abycine Film Festival Victoria Film Festival Credits: Starring: Vanessa Przada Bracken Hanke Ashley Wood Supporting Cast: Chilton Crane Brigitte Drescher Eva Bourne Written and Directed by: Meredith Hama-Brown Producer: Bernie Yao Director of Photography: Norm Li, csc Production Designer: Sophie Jarvis Editor: Lisa Pham Sound Designer: Nolan McNaughton Associate Producer: Bonnie Judd First Assistant Director: Marc Webb Hair and Makeup Stylist: Meaghan Zwick First Assistant Camera: Jeremy Cox Second Assistant Camera/Loader: Ryan Ermacora Gaffer: Chase Fletcher Sound Recordist: Nolan McNaughton Foley Artist: Nolan McNaughton and Lucas Ross Animal Wrangler: Bonnie Judd Visual Effects Artist: Freddy Chavez Olmos Caterer: Cole Friske “Getting Over You” (Stu G & Robot Disco Puma Remix) Performed by Kaylee Johnston Written by Kaylee Johnston, Steve Smith and Anthony Anderson Published by Kaylee Johnston Music Courtesy of Kaylee Johnston