A humoristic tone to a hot summer… This summer was long, hot and somehow tiring… The idea for this animation came from my current life situation, a really hot summer, which sometimes feels like a dream for some people… holiday mode on, the beach, the sun, the drinks… but for me, I was just stack in the city of London… making this project I guess… The film has a humoristic tone, based around objects that I have in my everyday life, the cheap fan we bought to bear the heat, my swimming trunks, my girlfriend’s hat and the beach paddles/rackets that we never used. Plastic is the main object that this animation is based on, the plastic that has been on the media, in talks with your neighbour, on newspapers… In the recent years, people have become more cautious about the usage, using less of it, or none at all.. I decided to keep the animations very graphic and minimal as adding additional background sets was taking attention away from the actual focus point of the plastic and its complexity and details of the simulations animation – Peter Tomaszewicz sound – contour-studio.fr