A film by Philippe David Gagné and Jean-Marc E.Roy. After her father’s death, Renée comes back home, in Saguenay, for the funeral. Forced to empty the house of her late father, she comes across a gigantic mess, the man having been a hoarder. In the six following days, Renée will try and seek her significance, her own presence, in this clutter. CASTING Charlotte Aubin Fred-Éric Salvail Macha Limonchik Guillaume Ouellet IMAGE Olivier Gossot SOUND Jean-Sébastien Beaudoin-Gagnon SOUND MIXER/DESIGNER Christian Rivest SET DECORATION Serge Potvin EDITING Philippe David Gagné and Jean-Marc E. Roy MUSIC Dragos, Mériol Lehmann, Érick d’Orion