A film by Hedvig Ahlberg & Agathe Barbier Based on a poem by Adele Hampton Strength is a film about female physical and emotional strength, shot through the lens of a weightlifter and narrated by Adele Hampton’s piece ‘Lessons in Olympic Weightlifting’. The film is an independent project with an all female crew working on it throughout production. Directors: Hedvig Ahlberg & Agathe Barbier Producer: Aurelie Gonnage Livera DP: Luciana Riso Narrator: Adele Hampton Weightlifter: Sharlene Calliste Woman: Karine Davilmar Woman: Robin Faraday Woman: Radhika Aggarwal Woman: Ana Boldina Woman: Jess Mannion Woman: Thea Kallhed-Möller Woman: Chey Brown 1st AC: Louise Harris 2nd AC: Lali Coombes Gaffer: Ana Acomanoai Editor: Laura Cairney-Keize, MSE Grade: Jax Harney, CHEAT Sound Design & Music: Sarah Playford Sound Engineer: Giselle Hall PA: Tilly Fletcher & Sakhile Shann Graphic Design & Stills: Mihaela Musat