A 37TH DEGREE ORIGINAL FILM Between 1976 and 1980, young Manhattan photographer David Godlis documented the nightly goings-on at the Bowery’s legendary CBGB, “the undisputed birthplace of punk rock,” with a vividly distinctive style of night photography. Lewie and Noah Kloster bring his photos to life with electrifying immediacy, bolstered by black-and-white watercolor animation, a rollicking soundtrack, and voiceover narration by Godlis himself. “Shots In The Dark with David Godlis” is this week’s Staff Pick Premiere. Read more about it here: “Shots In The Dark with David Godlis” Trailer: https://bit.ly/3oWf30T Behind the Scenes: https://bit.ly/3AD6dHq Lived by, narrated by, photographs by David Godlis | Directed & Animated by Lewie & Noah Kloster | Producer Giovanni Fumu | Executive Producers Maximilian Selim, Kimbo Kim | Sound Design by David Britton | Colorist Samuel Gursky (Irving Harvey) | Music Provided by Numero Group | Thank You Emily Kreusch, Tom Ishizuka, Aidan Stadler, Lissette Emma, Brad M. Bailey